evening with the author a huge hit!!

Wow what a great night we had a couple weeks ago when I gave a presentation to about 70 people in Sterling Heights Michigan. The reviews were fantastic! We have set up follow up apts with many from that night and are very excited to show them how to grow and protect money. We have recorded that presentation and you can watch anytime from the comfort of your home. Simply visit www.eveningwiththeauthor.com and click on free video to register to view the live class. Looking forward to more of these across the country.

Finance expert says you are better off buying a car than funding a 401k

Article in the Macomb Daily hit today – see below to read the article. We are getting a great response to our “Evening with the Author” event and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Finance expert, John Jamieson, says you are better off buying a car than funding a 401k

via Finance expert says you are better off buying a car than funding a 401k.

Don’t outlive your assets!

Listen here as host Roy Richards speaks with John Jamison, “the Wealth Doctor,” and explains why millions of baby boomers’ retirement savings are at risk and what you can do to protect your money.

Roy Richards, Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age, WebTalkRadio

“It’s so pleasing to have a guest like John who has built businesses, accumulated wealth and inspired others along the way rather than someone just spouting theoretical platitudes.” Roy Richards

Foreclosure Course – Your Guide to Getting the Inside Track on Foreclosures in Your Backyard

Wendy Frado gave this testimonial regarding the Foreclosure Course offered by Perpetual Wealth Systems. See full list of products including the Foreclosure Course.

“I’ve been working toward starting a business in real estate, and have taken numerous classes toward that end (including one on buying foreclosures) and read a bunch of books. There was some really key information here that I haven’t found anywhere else, and that will definitely make it a lot easier for me to get started in the market more quickly and easily while presenting myself to others from the start in a professional manner. As with John’s other materials, it is apparent throughout that he both has an enviable depth of experience, and a genuine desire for others to succeed. There is a great step-by-step action plan included as well as some general business advice that is also very helpful. This has proven to be an excellent part of my preparation for new ventures.” Wendy Frado