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John shows you how you can make money on your next automobile purchase.

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Income taxes are predicted to be going up for the average physician and for practice owners.  With the election over you can be assured that income taxes among many other hidden taxes are going up for all of us no matter the profession.  The medical community will be hit extra hard due to their above average incomes.  While this is a source of stress for many doctors and other medical professionals it need not be so to you.

We show high income earners like you a few very specific steps to take to dramatically lower your current and future tax liability while at the same time putting millions of extra dollars away for you and your family tax free!  Here are 3 simple steps you should take today to ensure you really understand how the tax system works and how it can really benefit you and even your employees more than Uncle Sam.

1)      Realize that your current practice or corporate structure is not enough to keep your taxes minimized.  Two more simple structures will minimize your taxes and maximize your retirement

2)      Understand and know that there is a secret qualified plan that is already approved by the IRS and Congress that almost no business owner uses and that when put into effect will simultaneously allow you to dramatically cut taxes and put away tons more money for you and your family tax free.  This is not the same old tired 401k or any other type plan you are aware of currently.  99.9% of all CPA’s and tax attorneys know nothing of this structure so how can they teach it to you for your benefit?

3)      Contact us for your free information package to be shipped out to you to further explain how we can help the above become a reality and not just words in a newsletter.  Call toll free 24 hours for a free recorded message where you can request an information package be rushed out to you right away.

Income taxes are a huge wealth drain and yet most doctors don’t have a decent understanding of all that is available to them to combat their cost.  What if you could save just $50,000 a year in income tax for the next 15 to 20 years of your practice?  You can and will if you take action and get the information today.  Contrary to popular opinion it is not the job of your CPA to set up a cohesive tax plan for you and your family.  Nobody will ever care more about your money and financial future than you so spend a little time now to be able to spend a lot of money later.

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One of the first things almost every one of our clients does is to form their own bank or finance company.  This is not a complicated thing to do and I am not talking about setting up a federally chartered bank or a brick and mortar finance company.  What I am talking about is using some of your own money, pooling it in a certain spot, and then loaning that money out to you or your business.
Whoever borrows the funds has the responsibility to pay those funds back with interest and pay appropriate closing costs for the loan.  Now you not only have a successful medical practice making you money but you also have a very profitable (tax free) finance company that makes money every year without fail.  We pool those funds a very certain way to maximize all the benefits and to make the growth of the money 100% tax free for life and NOT just “tax deferred”.
So when you are going to need an automobile why not finance it through your own bank?  By doing so you will recapture all the lost depreciation of that automobile and pick up the interest you would have paid a finance company.  Say you bought a $40,000 vehicle and finance it traditionally either with a lease or a 5 year auto loan.  In 5 years you have a car that is now worth $10,000 but you have paid back to the bank the original $40,000 plus about $7,000 worth of interest.  So you paid out $47,000 and have a $10,000 rapidly depreciating asset to show for your $47,000.  Can you see what a massive wealth drain this is and why it must be stopped?  Incidentally you do no better by leasing and even worse.  Yes you don’t own the car and can turn it in but you still paid out all those payments and have nothing to show for it and you now must continue to make monthly payments that make the leasing company rich and you poor.
Now simply do this math.  Let’s borrow that money from the bank we control out of a very special account and simply make payments back every month just as if we borrowed the money from Bank of America.  In 5 years you have the $47,000 back into your account which means you have effectively beaten the car and its depreciation.  Your bank picked up the $5,000 in interest plus you picked up another few thousand dollars of guaranteed growth during the 5 years.  So you go from having a $10,000 asset to about $60,000 in assets.  Which figure is better to you?  This is not complicated but it is simple genius (always the best kind of genius).  Could you use this same strategy with all of your other office equipment and machines instead of making leasing companies rich?  Of course you could and you should!  Some of our clients start cash flowing $7,000 to $10,000 per month back into their own banks instead of banks and finance companies.  What an easy, systematic, and guaranteed way to build your wealth by beating the bank by becoming the bank!
These banks really get good when you start buying appreciating assets with the borrowed funds and paying the bank back as described above.  This kind of structure will blow your retirement plan up and you owe it to yourself and your family to get all the details on this first hand and get it set up.  We will handle all of it for you but you must reach out to us today.

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When I meet with Doctors all over the country about 65% of them have already set up a Universal Life Policy.  These policies are also known by other names such as Variable Policies or Indexed Universal Life policies.  They are sold as the holy grail of financial tools because you are told that you can put money inside of these vehicles (lots of it) and it will be protected against loss (depending on the actual type of policy) and you can ride the market if it goes up and not get hurt if it goes down.

All seems so reasonable but there are major flaws with this kind of policy and the agent that sold you the policy probably does not even know about them. These policies are almost guaranteed to self implode just when you need them in your retirement years.  Rather than write a big long article here we have prepared a free package we will happily send out to you if either you or anyone you know is the unfortunate owner of one of these policies.  The good news is that there is a simple way to solve this problem.  Simply email us for a free information package at buy clomid online in south africa or visit where to buy clomid in south africa.

I recently had a retired neurosurgeon at one of my live classes who was 70 years old.  When he was 49 he started putting money into a Universal Policy and was told he would have around 1.4 million dollars in 20 years.  He ended up with just over $400,000.  Worse than that is his cost of insurance at 70 years old for that much insurance was just about $50,000 a year!  That was just the premium for the insurance without adding one dime to the cash value of the policy.  The insurance premium was going to go up by about 18% per year from that moment forward.  So he closed down the policy which means he was exposed to taxes for the small amount of gain he actually had realized and now he has no death benefit for his family.  This is just one of many dozens of people we hear from who are experiencing similar results with these ill conceived policies.  Contact us now for our free information package to find out how you can be spared this retirement disaster.

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Warren Buffet is credited with quote of “when others are being greedy be fearful, when others are greedy” In other words, find out what everyone else is doing and do the opposite! Most people are broke and will always be broke so why do you want to have the same thought process that they have? You want to think like rich people. You want to make decisions quickly and make them often. Show me someone who can’t make a decision and I will show you someone who can’t grow wealth. Successful people make more decisions than poor people. They make decisions and plenty of times the decisions are wrong so they will change later and try something different but they make the initial decision quickly. Get in the habbit of just deciding quickly and moving forward hard and fast.

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I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine who was one of the top dogs at Merrill Lynch for years. He was explaining to me how the whole stock market has changed with technology. Not just the obvious changes of online brokers etc. Did you know that a full 40% of all trades on the stock market are done by computers I don’t mean by you placing an order on e-trade and it getting filled either.
These “trades” are done by super computers for investment banks and brokerage houses and execute trades on their behalf. These computers analyze trends of stocks and buy and sell in a microsecond picking up small profits on millions of shares of stock. These computers are tied right to the exchanges and this happens with everyone’s knowledge including the highly touted Securities and Exchange Commission.
My friend was explaining to me that in the “old” days you would invest in companies you thought were up and comers and actually invest. Now everything is “trading”. Trading platforms are advertised on television everyday to get the average investor up and trading in the market. This trend will only continue to get more ingrained in the system. After all, it is sexy to buy and sell quickly and make money. However, does it sound like a great place to have your 401k and Ira money in this system at the hands of these inside bandits? If you want to be a trader with a small amount of your money have at it and I wish you well but understand you are playing with huge sharks that eat tons of lunches. Be careful they don’t eat your lunch for you.
Perpetual Wealth for most American’s is not done with volume and velocity of stocks but on volume and velocity of money in your life. When you get control of your cash flows and make them work for you and your family, your wealth is guaranteed and systematic. If you have not seen my online presentation about volume and velocity and how to create your own private financing system for tax free generational wealth, then you need to right away. It is free and ready for your review at and click on free video. It is a game changer.
Talk to you soon!

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I was watching the Ryder cup over the weekend and was disturbed when the Amercans lost on the last day of the competition after having a commanding lead over the Europeans the first two days.  It struck me about how critical momentum is in all aspects of our lives.  The American team after seizing the momentum and playing to win on days one and two, looked like scared kids on day 3. 

They started playing on day 3 with on eye on “not losing” instead of playing to win.  They gave up their momentum and Europe’s team picked up on it and totally turned that match around and snuck out a victory at the end.  Momentum is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and when it is going in your favor you must drain every last bit of benefit from it and recognize that it is just a matter of time until that same momentum will shift against you.  Sometimes the shift will be a small shift and other times it will be a large shift requiring massive action to right the shift back to your favor.  It is important to recognize what stage of momentum you are in and act accordingly.  When momentum is in your favor and pushing hard, you have the chance to make your fortune in busienss and in investing.  When it is going against you, there are four steps that are critical to change it as soon as possible.

1) recognize momentum is against you and demand of yourself that it changes

2) Ask yourself “what can I do to turn this around today?) This week?, Next week?, by the end of the month?

3) Once you have good answers now throw everything but the kitchen sink at the wrong way momentum and take massive action until the momentum has shifted. A little action is worth a boat load of meditation and massive action is even better!!

4) Recognize the shift and then keep asking questions. What did I do wrong last time when momentum turned against me? what can I do to maximize this forward momentum (success breeds success), and make sure I get the most out of foward momentum? Who can help me keep this ship moving hard forward? etc

Always play to win and don’t go into the “prevent defense mode” borrowed from football.  Far more points are scored in the last 3 minutes of each half than during the other times of the game.  Why is that?  Momentum and playing to win (for the offense) and playing not to lose (defense)  If I coached a football team I would virtually outlaw the prevent defense because it plants the seeds of failure.  Until next time!

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After writing a book it dawned on me that I need to get with the times and have a blog or as I think of it, an on line journal.  I am excited to be able to post trainings and thoughts that will help people grow and protect their wealth and be more successful in their financial and business lives.  I have had the good fortune to teach hundreds of seminars in every major city in North America and I love to share the strategies that are working for people like you all over North America.

Please tune in as we talk about life changing strategies that can put and keep more money in your bank account every month.  I look forward to making this a really great blog that is loaded with content.  I can give you an inital tip, if you are looking for stock tips, mutual fund, or bond strategies, don’t waste your time reading my blog.  This will be the premier source for the alternative investor that is looking for better solutions than the standard garbage 99% of people are doing with their money.  If you want real tips on real world alternative strategies you have found your home.