About Us


Our Approach

We are a vanguard wealth strategy company that assesses your current financial position as well as your personal and business goals to design a lasting legacy marked by dramatic growth and protection to benefit generations.

There are many tools available for investing, growing and protecting your wealth. Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds informs, teaches and helps you utilize many ways to achieve your financial goals.  A truly balanced & diversified portfolio won’t just have you invested in the stock market but might include Investment Grade Whole Life insurance, Real Estate investments, Saving on Taxes, Utilizing the “Secret IRA” called the Self-Directed IRA and so much more.

Meet John Jamieson

John is a life-long student of money, business, and real estjohnjamiesonpictureate who began investing in properties at the age of 21 years old. When John started his career he had just dropped out of college and had no money, no job, and no credit yet established. Despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles he purchased millions of dollars’ worth of real estate in a short period of time.  Although John left college after only two years he has been a veracious seeker of knowledge from successful people from all over the world. He has a massive private collection of books and training programs as well as having attended numerous training programs in person all over the country.  John is constantly looking for better and smarter ways to transact business as well as help others create more income and wealth in their own lives.  His first book, The Perpetual Wealth System, is a number one bestseller and continues to help many people all over the country grow and protect their wealth. John expanded on his idea’s and recently published “Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds”; which also became a #1 bestseller.

In his 25-year business career John has bought and sold tens of millions of dollars of real estate as an investor and an agent. He has set up millions of dollars of financial products for clients from all over the United States. John has managed real estate for clients and been a corporate trainer for Century 21 teaching sales and marketing strategies.  He has launched several businesses from nothing more than an idea and made them into successful ventures.

John has been fortunate to have spoken to thousands of people from all over the country and been asked to speak by some of the biggest names in business.  He hasbeen on training stages at the request of Robert Allen, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and several other well-known wealth trainers. He now speaks to various groups including real estate professionals, insurance professionals, physicians, and small business owners all over the country on the topics of increasing income, investing, wealth creation, sales, and asset preservation.

He is a highly sought after business coach and mentor who loves showing people alternative ways to increase their income and wealth without needing the stock market or mutual funds.  Along with books he is the author of several complete educational programs on money, business, and real estate.  He has written numerous articles on income and wealth for dozens of print and online news media such as AOL, Re/Max®, and the Florida Realtors Magazine.

One of his favorite topics is how anyone regardless of formal education or degrees can lead an abundant financial life. There is more opportunity now than at any point in history for people to get ahead and a college degree is not mandatory to make that a reality.  There is world-class education available to anyone who wants to get ahead and much of it will not be found on a college campus.

John has put together power teams located in many cities throughout the United States to help people achieve their financial goals regardless of where those people are starting from in their quest for abundance.  It does not matter if you’re just starting out like he was 25 years ago or if you’re already financially successful; John can help get you to your next level.

He is a lifelong resident of Metro Detroit where he lives with his wife and sons.