3 Simple Steps to Dramatically Lower Your Income Taxes in the Face of Rising Tax Rates

Income taxes are predicted to be going up for the average physician and for practice owners.  With the election over you can be assured that income taxes among many other hidden taxes are going up for all of us no matter the profession.  The medical community will be hit extra hard due to their above average incomes.  While this is a source of stress for many doctors and other medical professionals it need not be so to you.

We show high income earners like you a few very specific steps to take to dramatically lower your current and future tax liability while at the same time putting millions of extra dollars away for you and your family tax free!  Here are 3 simple steps you should take today to ensure you really understand how the tax system works and how it can really benefit you and even your employees more than Uncle Sam.

1)      Realize that your current practice or corporate structure is not enough to keep your taxes minimized.  Two more simple structures will minimize your taxes and maximize your retirement

2)      Understand and know that there is a secret qualified plan that is already approved by the IRS and Congress that almost no business owner uses and that when put into effect will simultaneously allow you to dramatically cut taxes and put away tons more money for you and your family tax free.  This is not the same old tired 401k or any other type plan you are aware of currently.  99.9% of all CPA’s and tax attorneys know nothing of this structure so how can they teach it to you for your benefit?

3)      Contact us for your free information package to be shipped out to you to further explain how we can help the above become a reality and not just words in a newsletter.  Call toll free 24 hours for a free recorded message where you can request an information package be rushed out to you right away.

Income taxes are a huge wealth drain and yet most doctors don’t have a decent understanding of all that is available to them to combat their cost.  What if you could save just $50,000 a year in income tax for the next 15 to 20 years of your practice?  You can and will if you take action and get the information today.  Contrary to popular opinion it is not the job of your CPA to set up a cohesive tax plan for you and your family.  Nobody will ever care more about your money and financial future than you so spend a little time now to be able to spend a lot of money later.