Volume and Velocity

I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine who was one of the top dogs at Merrill Lynch for years. He was explaining to me how the whole stock market has changed with technology. Not just the obvious changes of online brokers etc. Did you know that a full 40% of all trades on the stock market are done by computers I don’t mean by you placing an order on e-trade and it getting filled either.
These “trades” are done by super computers for investment banks and brokerage houses and execute trades on their behalf. These computers analyze trends of stocks and buy and sell in a microsecond picking up small profits on millions of shares of stock. These computers are tied right to the exchanges and this happens with everyone’s knowledge including the highly touted Securities and Exchange Commission.
My friend was explaining to me that in the “old” days you would invest in companies you thought were up and comers and actually invest. Now everything is “trading”. Trading platforms are advertised on television everyday to get the average investor up and trading in the market. This trend will only continue to get more ingrained in the system. After all, it is sexy to buy and sell quickly and make money. However, does it sound like a great place to have your 401k and Ira money in this system at the hands of these inside bandits? If you want to be a trader with a small amount of your money have at it and I wish you well but understand you are playing with huge sharks that eat tons of lunches. Be careful they don’t eat your lunch for you.
Perpetual Wealth for most American’s is not done with volume and velocity of stocks but on volume and velocity of money in your life. When you get control of your cash flows and make them work for you and your family, your wealth is guaranteed and systematic. If you have not seen my online presentation about volume and velocity and how to create your own private financing system for tax free generational wealth, then you need to right away. It is free and ready for your review at www.perpetualfinancingsystem.com and click on free video. It is a game changer.
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